Thursday, 20 June 2013


 These are the first photographs I have taken with my Contax T2, I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out, but I'm really happy with the results. I'll be posting more in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I don't really know where to start with OEN. I could write an essay, but for you and me I'll try and keep it to the point. In 2007 English designer Mark Robinson set up the blog as a platform to share everything that influenced and inspired him. Design, craftsmanship and photography are the main topics covered. There is a ridiculous amount of inspiring interviews and videos on the blog, so much so that I have Mark to thank for a large amount of my bookmarks. I also really enjoy his writing, it's very honest and his passion for the subjects he talks about really shows. 

In February last year Mark set up an online shop selling design focused products like beautiful homewares, such as ceramics made by hand by independent designers. You can also find art publications, accessories and clothing there. If you haven't already make sure you check out his website and gain fifty or more bookmarks.

I know this is lazy, but Mark sums up the sites philosophy better than I ever could:

Our aim is to create a space where purchasing and learning about items is under one roof. Sharing how products have been made, where the materials have come from and why each is worth investing in for the longer run. Good design and transparency go hand in hand, so we will do our upmost to provide an honest account of our products so you can decide for yourself if these items will enhance your lifestyle.
We trust in quality rather than trend because we believe that when design is honest and pure, items will last years rather than months ...




Monday, 10 June 2013

Cereal Magazine.

Cereal is a relatively new food and travel magazine, well I say magazine but it's much more like a book.   Around 12 months ago I had stopped buying magazines because I thought them expensive and full of crappy advertisements. Then Cereal came along with no advertisements and more substance than you could ever hope for. I was hooked as soon as I picked up volume 1, it was a pleasure to read and to hold. Aesthetically it is very minimal and clean which makes it very easy to read. Beautiful photo's are  the star of the show with full page spreads filled with jaw dropping images. Although the writing doesn't take centre stage it is just as powerful due to the astounding thought and detail that has gone into every article. I have finished each volume excitedly waiting for the next one to be released. The best thing about this magazine is that unlike most others you can revisit each volume and enjoy reading it just as much as the first time. Overall Cereal is a very well designed and thought out magazine, I seriously suggest you have a look at their website,  blog and Instagram. If you haven't already go out and buy yourself volume 3 which will be available very soon. I personally cannot wait to sit down with a good cup of coffee and lose myself in it.